What Bank is Cash App?

What Bank is Cash App

 Cash App has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular fintech applications, revolutionizing the way people handle their finances. Offering a seamless and user-friendly platform for sending and receiving money, making investments, and even getting cashback rewards, Cash App has become an integral part of millions of users’ financial lives. But have you ever wondered about the bank that powers this influential app? In this article, we unveil the bank behind Cash App and explore its role in the app’s success.

Cash App’s Banking Partner

The bank behind Cash App is the Lincoln Savings Bank. Lincoln Savings Bank, founded in 1902, is a community bank based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It operates under the parent company, Lincoln Bancorp. While Cash App itself is not a bank, it collaborates with Lincoln Savings Bank to offer its users a wide array of banking services.

What bank is cash app
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Cash App’s Banking Services

Direct Deposit: Cash App provides users with a unique account and routing number, enabling them to receive direct deposits of their paychecks or government benefits. This feature has proven especially beneficial to those without traditional bank accounts.

Cash Card: Cash App issues a customizable Cash Card to users, which is linked to their Cash App account. The Cash Card functions like a traditional debit card and allows users to make purchases online and in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs, and even spend their Cash App balance through the card.

Stock Investing: Cash App enables users to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies directly from their Cash App account. This has made investing more accessible to younger generations who may have been hesitant to start investing through traditional brokerage firms.

Cash Boost: Cash App offers its users “Cash Boosts,” which are instant discounts or cashback rewards that can be applied when making purchases with the Cash Card at select merchants.

Sending and Receiving Money: One of the primary features of Cash App is its ability to send and receive money between users quickly and securely. This has made splitting bills, reimbursing friends, and conducting P2P transactions more convenient than ever.

The Role of Lincoln Savings Bank

As Cash App’s banking partner, Lincoln Savings Bank plays a crucial role in the background. It facilitates the essential banking functions that power Cash App’s features, including processing direct deposits, managing Cash Card transactions, and ensuring the security and integrity of user data.

Lincoln Savings Bank also ensures compliance with banking regulations and safeguards customer funds, providing users with peace of mind when using the app for their financial needs.


Cash App’s success can be attributed not only to its innovative features and user-friendly interface but also to its collaboration with Lincoln Savings Bank. As Cash App continues to shape the future of personal finance and digital banking, its partnership with Lincoln Savings Bank remains a foundational element in delivering seamless and secure financial services to millions of users worldwide. Whether you’re using Cash App for everyday transactions, investing in stocks, or availing cashback rewards, the relationship between Cash App and Lincoln Savings Bank is at the core of this fintech sensation’s success.

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