How to Start or Create Blog

How To Start A Blog Hosted And Self-Hosted?

How To Create Blog Free And Paid Guide

There is so many peoples in internet mostly in social media, who thinking to create blog but they hesitate to start & feels hard or thinking blogging will be tough.

They thought in mind, Who can manage, who will guide me about blog, How to start a blog ? Every negative things they thinking in mind, Which is the reason, still so many peoples not started to making their bright future.

How Many Types Of Blogs?

Hosted Blog: It is free services, where you can host blog in free of cost, Like blogger. nothing you have need to pay for this.

Self Hosted Blog: Here you have need paying money for server (hosting) for creating a blog, Like WordPress, joomla and others. WP is free but you can pay for hosting to host blog in your domain, free WordPress services offering with so many limitations, that is reason peoples using Self Hosted Blog.

How To Start Blogging, Think Before About This

Decide what to about blog

Choose blogging platform

Select hosting site

Pick domain name

Follow How to Create Blog in Free?

Step 1. Open & Sign in Your Gmail Account.
Now Login Your Gmail Account

Step 2. Give Blog Title and URL Address With Select Template.
Set your blog title according to your goal, business what you want to set. Set URL Address, which are easy in read and remember to everybody. And then select template (theme) of your blog. Click on Create Blog.

How To Create Self Hosted Blog?

Self hosted blog, you can host in your any domain, I would like to recommend use always WordPress to creating self hosted blog.

How to Start or Create Blog

Follow This Steps to start your self hosted blog in your domain

Step 1. Open Your Hosting Panel and Login Your Account.
Where to you have buy hosting services. I’m using Hostinger, which is really amazing and hosting in very low prices.

Step 2. Open Your Services to Client Area.
Now open it.

Step 3. Click on Login hPanel
cPanel are available in every hosting services. Open it

Step 4. Go Below in Apps Installer.
Click on WordPress

Step 5. Click On Install Now

Step 6. Setup Your Blog Details. Choose “https” always as protocol. Choose your domain name where you want to install WordPress.

If You want to install WordPress in website example: then leave blank directory.

And if you want to install in any folder Example: in any directory Like: “Blog” then fill your directory (name of folder), where you want to install.

Site Name And Description
Fill your site name.
Don’t forget to fill meta description.

Create Admin And Login Details
Admin Username
Admin Password
Admin Email

Set your username for login WP panel
Set your password to adding special character
Add your email, to get notifications of blog.

Select Theme And Click On Install

Now Login Your WordPress Website is ready and you can login from here: ““

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