How to Download your own instagram story with music

How to Download Instagram Story with Music?

How to Download Instagram Story with Music in Gallery?

With the addition of music features, Instagram stories have become even more engaging and exciting. If you want to know how to download story from instagram with music, there are a few simple steps you can follow. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to download my instagram story with music?

Step 1: Find the Instagram Story with Music

The first step is to find the Instagram story with music that you want to download. Open the Instagram app on your phone and navigate to the profile of the user whose story you want to download. If the user has a story with music, it will appear as a music icon in the top left corner of the story. Click on the story to view it.

Step 2: Use a Third-Party App

There are many third-party apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store that can help you download Instagram stories with music. One popular app is called StorySaver. Download and install this app on your phone.

Step 3: Log In and Connect Your Instagram Account

Open any third party app and log in with your Instagram account. Once you are logged in, the app will automatically connect to your Instagram account, and you will be able to see all of the stories on your Instagram feed.

Step 4: Download the Story

Find the Instagram story with music that you want to download and click on it. Once you have clicked on the story, a download icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the download icon to save the story to your phone.

Step 5: Check Your Phone’s Gallery

Once you have downloaded the Instagram story with music, it will be saved to your phone’s gallery. You can now watch the story offline or share it with your friends.

In conclusion, how to download your instagram story with music is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. By using a third-party app like StorySaver, you can easily save Instagram stories with music and watch them offline or share them with your friends. With these simple steps, you can make sure that you never miss out on your favorite Instagram stories with music again.

How to Download your own instagram story with music

How to Download own Instagram Story with Music?

There are a few ways to how to download our story in instagram with music, but the easiest way is to use a third-party app. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Download and install a third-party app that can download Instagram stories with music. Some popular options include StorySaver, StoryDownloader, and InstaStory.

Log in to your Instagram account within the app.

Find the story you want to download with music.

Tap on the story to open it.

In the app, look for a download button or option to save the story.

Select the option to download the story with music.

Wait for the download to complete.

The story with music should now be saved to your device.

Please note that downloading someone else’s Instagram story without permission is not allowed and may violate Instagram’s terms of service. Additionally, downloading copyrighted music without permission is also illegal. So, use this method only to how to download my story from instagram with music or with the owner’s permission.

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