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Directory Submission List – What is Directory Submit in SEO?

What Directory Submission Sites

We know that there are many things on the Internet through which we can improve the ranking of our website. Among them Directory Submission Sites is also an option. All the websites on these sites are kept in the list on the basis of their topic, category etc., so that anyone can easily find the website of any topic.
When you submit your website to these Directory Submission Sites, you also get Quality Backlink, so you must submit your website on Directory Submission Sites so that you can get a lot of High Quality Backlinks and your website ranking can also improve.

Types of Directory Submission

Normally Blog Directory Submission Three Types

Featured Link- These are Paid Links, when you submit your website by selecting this option, then you need to pay here and those directories immediately submit your website to the directory.

Regular Link with Reciprocal- On selecting this option, you are given a Code or Website Link, which you have to add to your website. Even in this condition, those directories submit your website quickly, which takes 4-7 days.

Free Link- On selecting this option, you do not have to pay any fee nor do you have to add anything to your website. You can submit your website to the directory absolutely for free, but in doing so you have to give some time. Selecting this option takes at least 1 week and maximum 2 months but your website is submitted.

Blog Directory Submission

How to do Directory Submission?

When you want to do Blog Directory Submission you must have few things like:

Website URL
Blog Title
Meta Description
Email Id
Meta Keywords

Benefits of Directory Submission

There are different benefits to you by doing directory submission:

Improve your Ranking
When you submit your blog to Directory Sites, then your website is submitted to the directory of those categories which are related to your topic.

Quality Backlinks
Almost all Directory Submission Sites provide you Backlinks, due to this quality Backlinks are created for your blog and your website comes on Top Rank on Search Engine.

Keyword Improvement
Many Directory Sites provide you the facility to enter Meta Keywords, so that when your blog is submitted to those sites, your keywords are also submitted with them.

Domain & Page Authority (DA – PA)
When we link our website with different sites, the Domain Authority of our website also improves.

Directory Submission Sites List

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